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Article 13. Requirements for requests in special cases


In addition to the requirements laid down in article 12 shall be recorded in the application:

a) in the case of collective work:

-The manifestation which declares that the work has character of collective

-The name or designation of the natural or legal person bass whose initiative and coordination has been created, and that has also edited and disclosed

-The certificate of incorporation of exemplary and legal deposit of the published work as has been put at the disposal of the public.

When natural persons who have created the work are identified as authors in the versions that are made accessible to the public, shall indicate his name and surname and national identity document, as well as their respective contributions if they appear identified as theirs in such versions.

b) in the case of works composed or derivative, the name and surname of the author or co-authors of the pre-existing work, as well as your authorization.

c) in the cases of works disclosed by user ID, sign or anonymously, must be expressed as the name and surname or name of the natural or legal person who corresponds the exercise of intellectual property rights. If the user ID or sign not nobodies anonymity, it must be expressly stated so.

d) if it were written in non-Latin characters work, shall be noted the original title and the translation of this into Spanish or, in your case, the co-official language of the autonomous community in which is situated the competent land registry for registration.

Shall be accompanied, in addition, for better identification of the work a brief summary of its contents, and the index if any, translated into the language that corresponds as indicated in the previous paragraph.

If others understood the work with independent titles, these must also be noted in the request in the terms provided for in this paragraph (d)).

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