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Royal Decree 281/2003 of 7 March, approving the rules of the General registry of the intellectual property (RRPI).

What you register?

Rights relating to works, performances or productions protected by the Text consolidated in the Law of Property Intelectual, and the remaining legal provisions and international treaties (Art. 1 RRPI) can be registered in the General registry of intellectual property

Who can apply for the registration of a work?

1. They are entitled to apply for registration:

a) authors and other holders originating in IPR with respect to the own work, performance or production.

b) the successive holders of intellectual property rights.

2. Applications may be made directly or through representative (Art. 11 RRPI).

Submission of applications

The inscription of the works will take place through the application of any of the rights of intellectual property holders (Art 9.1 RRPI).

Rectification of defects in the request

The applicant shall ten working days to remedy defects in your application. In case of failure to do so, shall be him having abandoned his request (Art. 19 RRPI).

Registration procedure

  1. Payment of the corresponding fee and filing of the application in the register (Art. 18 RRPI).
  2. Presentation of proof of filing to the applicant (Art. 18 RRPI).
  3. Resolution agreeing practice, suspend or deny the registration within a maximum of 6 months (Art. 24 RRPI).
  4. Challenging denegatorios registration in administrative agreements or before the civil courts, depending on the reason for refusal (Art. 24 and 25 RRPI).

Information on the procedure of registration in the Generalitat Valenciana

Effects of registration

  1. Shall be presumed, unless proved otherwise, that rights exist and belong to their owner.
  2. Registration is effective from the date of receipt of the application in the registry, except for rectification of defects.
  3. Registered rights, you may not register any who oppose him or incompatible, except court decision to the contrary (Art. 27 RRPI).

Termination of registration

The inscriptions are extinguished by its cancellation:

a) at the request of the right holder registered, provided that rights of third parties are not prejudiced.

b) by a declaration of invalidity of the Act or agreement in virtue of which holds the registered right.

c) by strong judicial resolution. (Art. 28 RRPI)

Registration publicity

  1. The registration records will be made public (Art. 30 RRPI)
  2. You may request certification of the content of the entries. (Art. 30 RRPI)
  3. The direct consultation of the files archived in the registers, except for the content of the work or creation, only may be made by the intellectual property right holder or by third parties who can show a legitimate interest. (Art. 31 RRPI)


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