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Where to find other indications of quality?

We look for in these sources for the title of the journal to know the criteria of editorial quality that meets and which classification has in the different lists. All this should be recorded in the section "quality evidence".

Editorial quality criteria

  • MIAR:  In addition to showing the visibility in data bases, MIAR offers the presence information of the magazine in repertoires of evaluation as for example the seal of quality FECYT, Scimago Journal Rank or CARHUS +, as well as open access policy in the ROMEO color. It should be noted that it also calculates the ICDS.
  • Latindex-catalog : Until 2017 it evaluated the journals with 33 or 36 criteria (electronic) and to appear in Catalog 1.0 (2002-2017) they had to meet a minimum of 25. As of 2018, online journals are being incorporated into Catalog 2.0, which evaluates a total of 38 criteria, the journals having to fulfill the 7 mandatory basic characteristics and at least 23 of the remaining criteria. The number and criteria that are met can be included as indications in the calls.
  • DICE: It provides criteria as external evaluators, external opening of the authors, internationalization of contributions, etc.
  • RESH : Under the heading "editorial quality criteria " RESH system offers indicators that the CNEAI and ANECA Latindex take into account in their evaluation systems.

Listings and classifications

  • ERIH Plus   (European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences): evaluation carried out the European Science Foundation from the European scientific journals in Social Sciences and Humanities for inclusion in its index.
  • Category CARHUS+: system of classification of journals of social sciences and Humanities, which contains more than 5,000 national and international journals.
  • List of journals accredited by FECYT :  aims to recognize and publicize that Spanish scientific publications that receive this mark of quality editorial and scientific meet professionalization requirements internationally.
  • Ranking of Spanish scientific journals with FECYT quality seal: Orderly classification of all journals with FECYT quality seal.
  • Classification CIRC : classification of scientific journals in social and human sciences based on its quality by integrating existing evaluation products considered positively by different national agencies of assessment as CNEAI, ANECA. Is integrated in the database of the Foundation Dialnet
  • Dialnet Métrica Ranking: a portal that, based on the analysis of the bibliographic references cited in the existing publications on Dialnet, offers a set of indicators to help identify the relevance of scientific production.
  • Journal Scholar Metrics. Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences : bibliometric tool created by the EC3metrics group from the citation data offered by Google Scholar Metrics for the journals of Art, Humanities and Social Sciences. It offers, among others data, a journal ranking according to the H5 index.
  • H Index of Spanish scientific journals according to Google Scholar Metrics (2014-2018) : rankings by scientific fields and disciplines of Spanish scientific journals listed in Google Scholar Metrics, sorted by the index H. 1296 magazines with 100 published papers and at least one quotation, of which 642 are social sciences, 337 of Arts and Humanities, 177 of Health Sciences and 140 of the Natural Sciences and Engineering have been identified. You can also consult the previous editions: Period 2010-2014 Period 2011-2015  Period 2013-2017
  • IBRA (Bibliometric Indicators for Architecture Journals): system that reports on indicators for journals in the field of architecture.

International listings and classifications

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