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Develop a publication: how to sign. Standardization of signature and membership

The diverse variants with which an author or author signs his publications and includes the name of his institution in a publication, joined to the way in that the  international databases indizan the names of the and the Spanish authors, drives in a lot of occasions to lose information, diminishes the impact of his scientific production and hampers his own visibility and the one of his centre.

The adoption of a scientific signature,  only and normalised, composed by name, surnames and institutional membership results essential for:

  • Favour the national and international visibility of the personal author and his centres.
  • Guarantee the correct attribution of the publications to his authors and authors.
  • Facilitate the recovery of his appointments and the application of indicators to evaluate the institutional scientific production.

The FECYT recommends:

  • People with surnames little frequent use the name and a surname: José Ortigueiro.
  • People with common surnames  use the name and two surnames joined by script : Luis Fernández-Ferrero.
  • Compound names and/or compound surnames and/or with particles. It recommends join them with a script: Luis-Felipe Fernández-of-Loyola.
  • It includes always your institutional membership in the official language of your community and in this order:
  1. Name of the group of investigation (if it proceeds) or department (if it proceeds).
  2. Centre or Institute (complete name and acronym, if it exists).
  3. Institution of which depends.
  4. Postal address, city, country.

Example:  Department of Inorganic Chemistry. Faculty of Sciences. University of Alicante. 03690 Saint Vicente of the Raspeig (Alicante). Spain.

Sign always of the same form



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