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Evaluation research staff

The library provides information, training and advice to the Academic Staff of the University of Alicante on issues relating to the evaluation of its research activity.

If you need training or advice on these topics you can go to:

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General Library Building (Ground floor, nex to Media library)

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Accreditation and six-year periods of research 

In the processes of evaluation of the research activity, so much for the application of six-year periods of research as for the accreditation and evaluation for the contracting, it is necessary to find signs of quality of the scientific publications (articles, books, chapters of books, etc.). The following resources are useful for this:

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The H-index is a measurement of the professional quality of the scientific system proposed by Jorge Hirsch of the University of California, based on the number of citations a scientific article receives .

Its calculation is simple, consisting in ordering documents from a researcher in descending order, numbering them and identifying the point in which order number matches the citations received by the document.

H-index = 5 (there are 5 publications that have received at least 5 citations each)

Advantages: The H-index evaluates in a single indicator a measure of the quality and also of the impact of scientific production.

Disadvantages :

  • It cannot compare researchers from different scientific areas.
  • It does not consider the quality of the journals where it is published.
  • The H-index can vary depending on the tool used for its calculation ( Web of Science Scopus , and Google Scholar ).

If you want to know your H-index in any of these databases you can get in touch with the library .


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