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What is the open access?

Open Access Or Open Access involves the free availability in Internet of the literature of academic character or scientist, allowing to any user read, download, copy, distribute, print, look for or referenciar the complete text of the documents.

The support to the Open Access has gone evolving paulatinamente until consolidating , through conferences and international statements, encouraging to researchers and scientists to deposit his works in a digital tank:

  • 2002: Statement of Budapest : Maybe the most important initiative of the movement of Free Access to the Knowledge, that resulted of the meeting that took place in Budapest to finals of 2001, promoted by the Open Society Institute (OSI). The there approved statement established the meaning and the field of the Open Access and defined two complementary strategies to promote it and reach it.
  • 2003: Statement of Bethesda and Statement of Berlin : This last was subscribed, the day 22 October 2003, by representatives of some of the most important European scientific institutions, between them the Society Max-Plank (Germany) or the Centre National of the Recherche Scientifique (France), supporting the Open Access and the tank in archives of open access, and affirming that they will encourage to his researchers and scientists to deposit his works in by the less a repositorio. The University of Alicante signed this statement on 9 November 2006.
  • 2010: Statement of The Alhambra : Statement signed by representatives of the distinct parts interested in the implementation of the open access of the south countries of Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey).

How can I put my publications in open access?

They are two roads through which the works of the authors/researchers can be available in Open Access.

One of the roads is to publish in magazines of Open Access : scientific magazines with review by pairs (peer-review), edition and comparable publication to the traditional magazines, but that are accessible without need of purchase or subscription. Can find more information on the same consulting the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) .


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The another road is the autoarchivo in a repositorio of open access : this means that, in addition to the publication of his articles in the scientific magazines ("traditional" or of open access) the authors can deposit them in the repositorios institutional or disciplined (thematic). It can consult a listing of these repositorios in the Directory of Open Access Repositories (OpenDOAR) .


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Which are the profits of the open access?

The scientific production of the universities is one of the main active to measure his quality. Being visible and accessible, will have greater impact and will be able to be quoted by others.


  • It increases the visibility and therefore the diffusion and the impact of the scientific production of the universities
  • It allows visibilizar and surrender accounts to the society of the public investment realised in investigation
  • It increases the possibilities to access to resources of investigation without increasing the investment
  • It reflects the activity researcher of the university and facilitates his evaluation
  • It speeds up the transfer of the knowledge and diminishes the brecha of access to the information between the countries
  • It allows that the authors conserve the titularity of the rights of author on his works and can establish his instructions for use

Legal frame of the open access

To national level has purchased a commitment with the universal diffusion of the knowledge, betting by the open access to the results of investigation, reflected in two legal initiatives:

  • "Law of the Science": Law 14/2011, of 1 June, of the Science, the Technology and the Innovation . Article 37, urges to:
    • The public agents of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation to promote the development of repositorios of open access that contain the publications of his researchers, to establish systems that allow to connect them with similar initiatives of national and international field, and to employ the documents of the repositorios in the processes of evaluation.
    • The researchers whose activity was funded mostly by bottoms of the General Budgets of the State, to deposit in a repositorio of access opened the final version of his publications, no later of twelve months after the date of publication.
  • Royal decree 99/2011, of 28 January, by which regulate the official educations of doctorate . Articles 14.5, 14.6, establish that the theses doctorales once approved will deposit in open access in the repositorio institutional of the university.

In our Community on 15 September 2015   the Conselleria of Education, Investigation, Culture and Sport of the Generalitat Valencian published in the Diari Official of the Comunitat the bases of the helps for the promotion of the scientific investigation, the technological development and the innovation in the Comunitat Valencian. In the point 9 of the announcement collects the obligation of publication in open access:

"Base 9. Obligations of the people beneficiarias

    j) Spread the results of the investigations object of subsidy; to such effect, the personnel of investigation whose activity researcher was funded mostly with public funds, will make public a digital version of the final version of the contents of the project in repositorios of open access recognised in the field of knowledge in which it has developed the investigation, or in repositorios institutional of open access , without prejudice to the agreements in virtue of which have been able to attribute or transfer to third the rights on the publications, and will not be of application when the rights on the results of the activity of investigation, development and innovation are susceptible of protection."

Initiatives to European level


  • The Project Horizon 2020 , as well as his ancestor the Pilot Project of Open Access of the VII Program Mark of the European Union 2008-2013 (clause 39), establish that the beneficiarios of subsidies have to deposit in a repositorio the revised articles by pairs resulted of his projects, as well as the data generated and/or collected in the same.

Informative leaf on the program (English)

Guidelines on Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Dates in Horizon 2020 (PDF)


  •   The European Council of Investigation (ERC) requires the tank in a repositorio institutional or thematic, of all the revised publications by pairs of projects of investigation funded by him and his put to disposal in open access in a no upper term to 6 months from his publication.


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