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Uses in Teaching and Research

The Intellectual Property Law allows the exercise of certain rights of exploitation to teachers, in the field of regulated education in the classrooms and the Virtual Campus for illustration for educational purposes, as well as the staff of universities and researchers within the functions of scientific research, as we inform you below.

YOU CAN reproduce, distribute and communicate publicly ...

No need to ask for authorization or remuneration from authors or editors (article 32.3 LPI)

  • Small fragments of works and isolated works of a plastic or photographic nature that have already been disclosed. Not considered textbook, university handbook or assimilated publication, indicating source and author
    • Yes, the reproduction of the small fragments of a textbook or university handbook is allowed by the teacher in his explanation . Providing students with the location data to legally access the work, but they should not be given direct access to the work or fragment
    • Yes, the distribution of copies of small fragments of works and isolated works of plastic or photographic nature of textbooks and university manuals for research purposes is permitted exclusively among the collaborating research staff of each project and to the extent necessary for the draft
  • Use works whose use has been previously authorized to the University or Research Center

" For these purposes, a textbook, university handbook or similar publication shall be understood to be any publication, printed or susceptible to being published, for the purpose of being used as a resource or material for teachers or students of regulated education to facilitate the process of teaching or learning. "

"For these purposes, it will be understood as a small fragment of a work , an extract or quantitatively little relevant portion on the whole of it."

No need to ask for authorization, but with equitable remuneration for authors and editors through a management entity (article 32.4 LPI) (CRUE / CEDRO-VEGAP Agreement signed by the University of Alicante)

  • Use works or publications printed or susceptible to be, such as:
    • A chapter of a book, article of a magazine or equivalent extension regarding an assimilated publication, or extension equivalent to 10% of the total of the work

It is indifferent to these effects that the copy is carried out through one or several acts of reproduction.

The distribution will be made between the students and teaching or research staff of the same center where the reproduction is made.

Public communication can only be accessed by students and teaching or research staff through internal and closed networks or a distance education program of the center.

These acts must be carried out in universities or public research centers, by their personnel and with their own means and instruments.

If the university centers or research organizations are not the holders of the copyright of these works, the authors and publishers will have an inalienable right to receive from the user centers an equitable remuneration , which will be made effective through the management entities.

YOU CAN reproduce, distribute, transform and communicate publicly ...

No need to ask for authorization or remuneration from the holders of the copyright

  • Our own materials that include small fragments or isolated works of plastic or photographic figurative character , by way of appointment, indicating source and author (article 32.1 LPI)
  • Complete works that are in public domain (article 26 LPI)
  • Works that are not protected by copyright, such as
    • The legal or regulatory provisions and their corresponding projects, the resolutions of the jurisdictional bodies and the acts, agreements, deliberations and opinions of the public bodies, as well as the official translations of all the previous texts (Article 13 LPI)
  • Complete works from which we have obtained the transfer of your exploitation rights , through a particular license or with a general public license such as the Creative Commons, or another type of contract.
  • Scientific publications of which we are authors, whenever it is through repositories of our own institution ( RUA ) or in thematic repositories (consult the conditions of each editorial on the matter, in Sherpa / Romeo and / or Dulcinea )

YOU CAN NOT reproduce, distribute, transform and communicate publicly ...

In the classrooms and on the Virtual Campus (article 32.5 LPI)

  • A musical score
  • A one-time work, such as a workbook
  • Compilations or groupings of fragments of works, or of isolated works of a plastic or figurative photographic character

Without the authorization of the owner of the exploitation rights , through an assignment of rights

  • A complete work, such as an audiovisual work, a radio work, a musical, a computer program or an architectural project, etc.
  • Two or more chapters of a book
  • More than 10% of the total of a work
  • A complete scientific article

Whenever necessary, you can use a poem in a literature class, or an advertising spot in a marketing class, an architectural plan in a technical drawing class, according to the majority opinion of the Doctrine. (ALTÉS TÁRREGA, Juan Antonio (Coord.) Research, university teaching and intellectual property rights Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch, 2015, p. 195)


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