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Publication and dissemination: where to public?

Scientific journals are the main vehicle for the dissemination of scientific information.

Criteria for deciding where to publish:

Subject of journal coverage . You can check the journals interested in the subject of your article in several ways:

Get a first selection of the most appropriate content journals to publish the work and also must take into account other criteria:

  • Trend and impact. It is advisable that the journal has impact in the major international rankings ( JCR and SCimago ) and for some disciplines occupy top positions (1st quartile) in its category. It would be desirable to choose journals showing a stable or rising trend over time.
  • Frequency and number of works. In the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences, the frequency can be annual or biannual. This is a criterion to take into account as it may delay the publication of the submitted work.
  • Time limits for assessment/publication and acceptance rate. They tend to appear on the website of the jourmnal or in the instructions for authors. Times vary depending on the areas and may be of interest if there is urgency in publishing.
  • Dissemination and visibility. Check that selected journals are in prestigious databases, both multidisciplinary ( Web of Science , Scopus  as specialized.
  • Other quality criteria.   It is essential to have the journal peer-reviewed; You can check the qualification obtained in classifications as CIRC , CARHUS ; it is recommended to have manuscripts management platforms if they are e-journals, rating the edition of preprint...

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