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Publish in Open Access: BUA agreements

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The publication of articles in open access (OA), not only increases the impact on the international academic community, but it is also a requirement of the research funding agencies and a commitment to the universal dissemination of knowledge.

In this context, the University of Alicante, through the University Library, has reached agreements that allow the UA researchers to publish free of charge or with a discount on the Article Processing Charges (APC) of the following publishers:

Transformative Agreement with Cambridge University Press

The transformative agreement with Cambridge University Press, in addition to maintaining the access to all the journals of this publisher, also enables the articles published by members (corresponding author) of the University of Alicante to be open access with no additional costs. These conditions, in the beginning, will be maintained until December 2023.     

APC will have no additional charge for UA researchers, doesn't matter if they publish in a full open access journal or in a hybrid journal of the aforementioned publisher.


  • The corresponding author must be a University of Alicante researcher and he/she will have to identify with the institutional email (@; @
  • To have an article accepted for publication since January 1, 2021. 
  • The option "publish in Open Access" must be chosen, when it is a hybrid journal (part of the content is only accessible by subscription) 
  • Sign the "open access publication agreement" by selecting the Creative Commons licence that you want to assign to your article.

Agreement with MDPI

The agreement with MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) remains in effect. It offers the University of Alicante researchers a 10% discount on the publication rates of articles that have been accepted in any of its journals.

To request this discount, the researchers must identify themselves as members of the University of Alicante, when they process the publication of their research articles with any of the MDPI group journals.

SCOAP3 Journals

Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing (SCOAP3) is a project in which more than 3,000 international libraries, consortia, research centres and scientific publishers such as IOP, Springer or Elsevier collaborate.

This agreement includes 10 key journals in the field of particle physics in which the University of Alicante researchers do not have to pay for the APC and can publish openly free of charge. They can also retain their publications copyright. All the articles will be published under CC-BY licences.

The funds dedicated up to now by the participating libraries to these subscriptions, are now transferred to SCOAP3 to cover publication charges, so the authors remain free of this cost..