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Bibliographic information

The library offers care and support custom search, information retrieval and location of materials for academic works, preparation of teaching material, research, etc.

The purpose is to orient the user and help address their information needs.

This service is directed preferably to members of the University community of the University of Alicante, if you do not belong to it, contact the library .

  Bibliographic information form  


How to use this service

To request this service complete bibliographic information form in the most clear, complete and concrete way, indicating the matter which is the application, as well as all those words that relate to different aspects of the subject.

You can request help and guidance to carry out bibliographic searches of any type, both General and specialized, searches on a specific subject, search for articles in scientific periodicals, searches of electronic resources etc.

In addition this service provides advice on issues relating to the research activity: publication and scientific dissemination, copyright, institutional repository and accreditation and six. For this kind of requests, fill out the Advice application form.

Response time

The library staff will provide you the response through email . Depending on the type of query, can be necessary, contact with the user.

The response time, which will vary depending on the needs of information and the complexity of the query, will be of a maximum period of 48 hours. In the case of complex bibliographic requests, the delivery time can be up to one week.


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