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Interlibrary loan

The objective of this service is to provide the users from the University library all kinds of documents or part of documents (books, articles, theses, etc.) published anywhere in the world, and not available in the University library, as well as providing other external institutions existing in our University documents.

Printed matter and Forms

Interlibrary loan service

Campus de San Vicente del Raspeig

P.o. box, 99


Phone: 965 90 93 60

Fax: 965 90 93 61


Location and schedule

  • Location: interlibrary loan service is located on the ground floor of the General library building. You can find it in this map .
  • Opening hours:
    • From September to June: Monday to Friday, from 8.30am  to 9pm.
    • July: Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 8.15pm.
    • During the month of August and the holidays of Easter and Christmas, the Interlibrary loan service will be closed.

General information for requests

Below are a series of General questions related to completed requests:

Availability of the requested documentation:
  • The required documentation is received by an average of:
    • 5 working days for articles.
    • 10 working days for books.
  • The articles are sent to petitioner staff.
  • Books received in interlibrary loan are excluded from home loan. They are deposited in the library for reference during the period of one month . Photocopies of articles and reproductions are provided for study and research purposes only. There cannot be made lucrative or collective use of the documents, nor publish the material without authorization. It is responsibility of end-user to meet the provisions in the law of intellectual property.
Cost of documentation. Rates:

There are reciprocity agreements with institutions so that some documents can be available free.

Spain €6.05 €8
Abroad €6 (average) €15 (average)
  • For other types of documents: copy of manuscripts, old reproductions, copies on cd-rom, etc...a budget is normally required, which must be approved by the user before confirming the request.
  • You can always consult the costs to interlibrary loan staff and also may indicate in the request form an maximum cost.

Information for requests from other libraries

  • Applications from any library in Spain or abroad, in public or private ownership are accepted.
  • Applicant libraries can send their requests from the system GTBIB or by email to:
  • Mailing address:

University of Alicante. Library service

Document access

AP. Correos 99

03080 alicante (Spain)

(For shipments by mail: Campus de S. Vicente del Raspeig. 03690 ALICANTE)

Availability of the required documentation:
  • The requested documentation may be available for shipment within a period of two or three working days.
  • Copies are served in paper or digital format.
  • The library of the University of Alicante provides books for a period of one month from the date of arrival in the applicant Center.
  • The works appearing as such in our catalog are excluded from loan. In permitted cases it may be facilitated a copy with the proper legal safeguards and document conservation .
Cost of documentation. Rates:

In Spain the rates which apply are those adopted by Rebiun , except in the cases where a free reciprocity is maintained.

Foreign libraries may make payments by the IFLA, through coupons:

  • Articles: 1 IFLA coupon per item served.
  • Books:
    • Europe: 2 coupons IFLA.
    • Rest of the world: 4 coupons IFLA.

Invoice will be made once a year, preferably during the first half.



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