BUVAL loan


 The universities that make up the Consortium of Valencian Public Libraries (BUVAL) make available to the Teaching and Research staff (PDI) and the Administration and Services staff (PAS), access to home loans the bibliographic funds of all these universities through the BUVAL Loan.

The loan of bibliographic resources will be carried out in accordance with the conditions and procedures mentioned in the Framework Agreement.

  • They can use this service, free of charge, the PDI and PAS of the Valencian public universities (UV, UPV, UA, UJI and UMH) that have previously requested registration in the service through the forms of their respective universities. 
  • The PAS and the PDI of the University of Alicante must fill in the BUVAL form.
  • The number of works that can be loaned and the loan terms agreed by the 5 Valencian public universities are those detailed below, although each library can expand both the number of copies and the loan periods.
Terms* PDI / PAS Observations
Loan period

Each University may exclude loan some materials: reference in room, very demanded bibliography for students, laptops or a docimoteca.

Maximum copies 6
Renewals 6
Reservations No

*On a provisional basis, the BUA lends 8 copies, with unlimited renewals and for a period that varies depending on the material loaned.

  • Once the applicant has registered through the form, from their respective university, they will receive an email of agreement.
  • Since then, you will be able to go in person and after identifying yourself at any of the five public universities of the Valencian consortium to make use of this service.
  • Before the visit, it is recommended to consult the specific conditions of the service in each library, their respective catalogues and schedules, as well as the copies excluded from loan.
  • Currently and while the restrictions due to the pandemic persist, if you want to use the BUVAL loan service, you must first contact the library that has the document you are looking for.
    • UV: Contact the library that interests you through The Library answers.
    • UPV: Request an appointment
    • UJI: Enviar un correo a: documentacio@uji.es
    • UA: Formulario de solicitud de préstamo
    • UMH: Contact the library you are interested in.
    • La persona se compromete a devolver los préstamos en el plazo indicado y en la universidad prestataria.
    • Importante: para renovar los préstamos cada persona debe entrar en su ficha de usuario (de la universidad a la que pertenece) donde aparecerán los préstamos activos en cualquiera de las bibliotecas de BUVAL.
  • Users can make a global search in all the BUVAL catalogues from the search box drop-down menu of each university.
  • The person agrees to give back the loans at the borrowing university within the established term.
  • Important: you can renew your loans from your user profile, where you will be able to check your active loans in any BUVAL library.
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