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De-escalation Covid 19 loan and return for Student, PAS and PDI

The loan and return service of books and other materials will resume in all the libraries of th Umiversity of Alicante for students, PDI (Teaching and Research Staff) and PAS (Administration and Services Staff).

Both services, loan and return, recquire a previous appointment. In the case of the students, the appointment receipt will be recquired at the security control to access to the campus.

The loan and return services will take place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Monday to Friday.

In the General Library Building (for the Arts Library, Polytechnic and Health Sciences Library, Media Library, Deposit and PuntBiu) a single point of loan and return will be enabled on the ground floor. The other libraries will have their own loan and return points.

To ask for a loan
  • You need to fill this form . The library staff will confirm the availability of the materials and will indicate the way to request the appointment to collect them. 
  • As an alternative to the loan (and according to the Intellectual Property Law and the Data Protection Law) a digitization service will be offered for:
    • journal articles and
    • book chapters. Preference will be given to works excluded from loan and to the requests from people who cannot travel to take the book on loan. Requests will be made through Interlibrary Loan and will be provided by email.
Devoluciones de libros y otros materiales
  • It is necessary to request an appointment through the Affluences program with an institutional email address, if you don't have an appintment for the loan service already.
  • Each library (with the exception of those located in the General Library building that will have only one loan and return point on the ground floor) will have its own indicated space with boxes to return books and any other materials. Each book must be returned to the library where it was borrowed.
  • These materials will be in quarantine for 14 days.

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