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Loan for the Alcoy Campus

The Education Library offers its services to teachers, students and PAS belonging to the Alcoy Campus (Alcoy Didactic Unit).

The same services are offered as to the rest of users of the University of Alicante regarding the loan of the bibliography, especially the recommended one. However, due to the special conditions in terms of location, spaces, etc., it is necessary to have the basic recommended bibliography specifically for the Alcoy Campus with copies in situ . Only students who study therein may have it available.

The loan, return and renewal of this local collection will be carried out at Alcoy's own headquarters by its staff. You can find more information about the procedure on the Alcoy Campus website> Library - Study Room

As for the rest of the bibliography and other materials (audiovisual, printed articles, etc.), users can apply for a loan from Alcoy to the different libraries on the Alicante campus.

Procedure for requesting books and other documents of the BUA (Sant Vicent del Raspeig campus)
  • As of this 2019/20 course, users of the Alcoy campus can request books and other materials (articles, Mediateca funds… ..), from the different libraries of the BUA.
  • These materials will be requested (whether available or provided) on a mandatory basis through the web form.
  • Journal articles subscribed by the BUA that are only on paper may be requested by students / IDPs of the Alcoy campus. The request will be made through a specific form available in the same way as the loan referred to above.
  • When the material is available, the user can pick it up at the headquarters of the Alcoy Campus, with the same deadlines and conditions as the rest of the BUA users.
  • The different types of use, loan terms, and penalties are included in the Regulations for the use of the Bibliographic and Documentary Funds of the University of Alica nte.

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