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Valencian Interuniversity loan (PIV)

In the framework of the project of conversion to Campus of international excellence "Campus Habitat 5U" the Valencian public universities ( UV and UPV, UA, UJI and UMH ) have signed an agreement for the development and use of library services.

In this context, the five universities made available to teachers and researcher and the personnel of administration and services, the bibliographic funds of each University, using the so-called Préstec Interuniversitari Valencia Campus Habitat 5U (PIV 5U).

The 5U PIV provides the possibility to take loan up to 3 books for 15 days at any of the participating libraries, upon request from high in the application.

The loan of the bibliographic resources will take place according to the conditions and procedures referred to in annex I and II of framework agreement.

Terms of service

  • You can use this service PDI and PAS of the Valencian public universities (UV, UPV, UA, UJI and UMH) who have previously requested for the service through the PIV5U formtheir own university.
  • The number of works and terms of the loan are:





Type of material



Each University may exclude loan some materials: reference in room, very demanded bibliography for students, laptops, docimoteca.

Loan period




Max. copies












Some libraries may add specimens and days.

  • This service is free.
  • The applicant must register through the form of its own university in each of the colleges want to make use of the loan service. Once has been admitted to the host University, you will receive an email in accordance. From that moment you can go in person and prior identification, you can make use of the service. We recommend to check timetables and catalogues of libraries, as well as the excluded copies of the loan before the visit. The user undertakes to repay the loans within the period indicated and the borrower University.

Catalogues of member libraries


University Library

Universidad de Alicante
Carretera San Vicente s/n
03690 San Vicente del Raspeig
Alicante (Spain)

Tel: (+34) 965 90 3996

Fax: (+34) 96 590 3735



For further information:, and for enquiries on this web server:

Carretera San Vicente del Raspeig s/n - 03690 San Vicente del Raspeig - Alicante - Tel. 96 590 3400 - Fax 96 590 3464