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Services for people with functional diversity

They have right to these services all those people with difficulties of mobility, problems of vision, etc. That they belong to the university community.

Place of study for students with functional diversity

Location : Room 8 of the 1st floor of the General Library. Access to Room 8 must be requested at the information desk on the 1st floor of the Library. It will be essential to sign an entry and exit control form.

Equipment: Computer, telelupa, headphones and microphone.

Telelupa Magnilink Vision TTS model with the following utilities:

  • Text scanning
  • Text to voice conversion
  • Oral reproduction of documents in pdf format

Applications indicated especially for people with visual problems:

  • Jaws. Version 15. Jaws  is a screen reader for Windows that allows access to information by reading.
  • ZoomText. Version 10. ZoomText is an amplifier and screen reader with a multitude of speech synthesis and in different languages.
  • NVDA. Version 2013.3. NVDA is a free screen reader for Windows.

Applications indicated especially for people with difficulties in the speech:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Version 12 SP1. Dragon is a voice recognition software that converts and can create documents, send emails, search the Internet and use simple voice commands.

Applications of improvement of the productivity:

  • Adobe XI Pro. Version 11. Adobe PDF converter wue has a powerful and effective OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

The Centre of Support to the student (FALL)  offers specific help to the students of the University of Alicante with some special need.


The users with disability accreditation and approval will enjoy double the corresponding time for each document loaned. The renewal can be done by phone or in person.

Reading and query in room

The Library has a magnifying glass to expand texts and images.

Location and delivery of documents

If those who do not use these services do not look for themselves, the staff of the library will look at it and will deliver it to him.

Courses of training

The Library offers sessions of training to the letter on the query and the handle of resources of information as well as visits guided adapted to the needs of each person.

Reprography and digitalisation

If the users can not photocopy, scan with ends of investigation or study some part of a document or consult the microform, the personnel of the library (if it considers it suitable) will commission of this and will give him the copy.


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