Managers of bibliographic references

As a help to the management of the bibliographic references obtained during a documentary research, there are a series of programs designated bibliographic reference managers, that allow to create a database of bibliographic references for personal utilisation. 

They are tools that create, maintain, organize, share and give form to the bibliographic references of articles from journals, books or other documents from different sources of information (databases, journals, web pages, etc.).

These references can be used to create citations and the bibliography of academic papers and research, according to a standardised format (ISO, APA style etc.)

Therefore, bibliographic references managers are a fundamental tool in the development of academic papers and research.

In general, different existing  references managers share the same basic functionality: storage of bibliographic references; description, organization, and retrieval of references; creation of bibliographies and citation tools, as well as sharing references. Some managers incorporate also online social network features for researchers.

Refworks Is an agent of bibliographic references on line , useful to create a personal bibliographic database accessible via Web.

It is a resource hired by the University of Alicante. The institutional licence   allows his use to all the University Community.

In the actuality, are working of simultaneous way so much  the classical version of Refworks (Refworks Legacy) like the new version of Refworks. It is necessary to take into account that this new version of Refworks still is in period of implantation of part of the functionalities of the Refworks classical and of development of the new options of capture and visualisation of registers and of simplification of the interface.

Refworks clasico Will be operative, like minimum, until finals of 2018 .

The new Reforks adds new functionalities like the possibility to realise annotations and include comments in the documents stored and manage them of form colaborativa; the incoporación simultaneous of references and documents in pdf to the agent; and the possibility to insert appointments and generate bibliographies so much in Microsoft Word as in Google Docs.

The users of Refworks Legacy that they wish it can migrate his account to the new version of Refworks, although only they will transfer the references and the structure of folders. They will not matter the attachments to the references neither the structure of subcarpetas. The new Refworks works with an only account by user.

It recommends no inciar still the process of migration to the users advanced of Refworks, neither to which have initiated the insertion of appointments and bibliography in the preparation of a work of investigation. It consult with Punt BIU if it wishes to initiate the migration.

  • New Users

The creation of the personal account has to do from a computer connected to the network of the UA. With Refworks Legacy can use any agent of email, but to give of high in the New RefWorks has to have of an account of institutional post of the University of Alicante.

  • Access

It punctures in the icon of the version to which want to access:

Refworks Classical

New Refworks

  • Guides of help

Refworks Classical (guides elaborated by the personnel of the Library so that you know more thorough this tool):

New Refworks

The Library of the University of Alicante is working in the preparation of materials.

You can consult so much the resources of support that facilitates Refworks, in English, and in Spanish .

  • Courses of training:

The Library offers courses of training on this agent of references.

Mendeley Is a bibliographic references manager that combines a web platform with a desk version incorporating functionalities of the social Web  allowing the connection between researchers, comments and annotations -shared on documents in pdf format- and the promotion of your own works.

UA Institutional  Mendeley

The University of Alicante has the institutional version of the bibliographic references manager Mendeley (Mendeley Institutional Edition, MIE) that allows the university community to enjoy of a series of advantages over the free version.

Functionality Free version MIE
Storage 2 GB 5 GB
Groups of private work 1 1.000
Users by group 3 25
Storage in work groups 100 MB 20 GB
Metric of impact of user publications No Yes
Recommendations of articles from the personal library with Mendeley Suggest No Yes


To enjoy  the conditions of the institutional version, you have to join the institutional group "University of Alicante".

  • Users of Mendeley: if you already have an account in Mendeley, you will have to update and move to the institutional group. It is compulsory to have an institutional e-mail account. For this:
  1. Access your account in Mendeley, select the tab Groups and in the search box enter University of Alicante. Select the group University of Alicante.



  2. Click on Join this group and  confirm your institutional e-mail account.


  • New Users: when opening an institutional e-mail account (at Mendeley recognises it as University of Alicante and automatically offers the possibility to confirm the institutional account to join the institutional group.
  • Guides of help:

In this moment we are elaborating materials and help guides to this tool. You can also access to:

-The guides of help offered by Mendeley.

-The guide elaborated by the University of Cádiz Library.

  • Training courses:

The Library offers courses of training on this references manager.

For any doubt or additional information, please contact the library .

Endnote Web

Web version offered for free by Thompson with the licence of the Web of Science, integrated in the platform.

It allows a maximum of 50.000 references, 2 GB to store attached documents, and a high compatibility to export references with the information resources in Thompson (Web of Science).

Reference manager

Reference Manager Is a bibliographic references manager offered by the Computing Service of the University.
For more information on this bibliographic agent please enter this webpage .