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Exposició i guías de lectura. V Mostra de cinema en la Biblioteca

The BIU Punt (Point Library User Information) of the University Library has organized an exhibition of bibliographic materials on cinema and audiovisual.

The exhibition includes books and movies on DVD, which are shown in different reading guides.

To complement the exhibition has been organized a series of screenings to be held of 09 marzo to 02 of April 2009 in Screening Room of the media library in morning and afternoon. ( see content )

Both bibliographic and audiovisual material above is susceptible of loan and is intended as an essential objective, their use by all users.

The BIU Punt encourages all members of the university community (students, faculty and staff Administracióny Services) to visit this exposiciónya enjoy the material collected.

It will be located on the ground floor of the Main Library and available from 5 March to 6 April.


Cinema author

Biblografía / C. of author

Adventure film

Horror and fantasy

Bibliography / C. horror and fantasy

American Directors

The justice in the movies

Women Film

Century Goya Awards XXI

V Film Festival at the Library March 5 to April 6

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